A drunk night out in 2011

"What the fuck happened last night? i got so drunk i went crossed eyed, spewed, went home and fell asleep on top of my bed fully clothed. woke up at midday crawled into my bed, didnt get out of bed until 3pm then played video games for 4 hours"
Posted this on facebook back in 2011. It must've been a birthday celebration. I hate waking up in my clothes because no matter how many layers you have on you're still cold. 
It hurts too much to do this any more.
Stupid brain.


D.I.Y. or die

Here's a denim sex-worker positive jacket I made, made from anarchist patches and an old tshirt


WoKe uP THiS MoRNiNG... ....THeN LaTeR iN THe DaY

all day yesterday my mind was popping with ideas, last night i spent 2 hours trying to draw and write, but it wasnt happening, i just got more and more frustrated, eventually around 11pm i gave up
then this morning i woke up with an erection so hard a cat wouldnt have been able to scratch it, i had to spend 5 minutes getting stuff ready for going to work before i could leave the room, the curse of living in  shared house. i have named that erection "the anger boner"
did my usual morning stuff then went off to work
at the traffic lights a bike rider went through a red light while he was too busy looking at something else, he wasnt wearing a helmet, i wanted to yell at the dickhead but couldnt be fucked
then when i got off the tram in the city a woman walking along staring at her phone in that hunchback pose, dropped her shirt and didnt even notice, i had to wave in front of her face between her and her mobile to get her attention, she said thanks, normally i'd be thinking "i did a good deed" but all i could think of was "fucking dickhead"
i think its going to be one of those days
i hope no one at work pisses me off

quote for the morning:
"Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph"

after a couple of encounters with dickhead customers at work i had cravings for junk food, i stopped off at the fish and chip shop on the way home, got some stuff to eat, tasted okay, never as great as the idea of it in my head, walked home eating, stopped in the park to finish the last of it, dropped something i was about to eat on the ground, brushed it off, took a bite, then wondered what the fuck i was doing? what the fuck i have become?
now im sitting here at my desk listening to Lorde and wondering what to do with my life


work in progress, some finished, some not

heres a work in progress and the almost finished version
apologies for the quality of the pictures, my scanners isnt working so i took photos of them using my phone

i think its finished


many years ago a friend used the design from the Lemarchand's puzzle box from Hellraiser on a party invite, it was the pre-internet/facebook days when people made invites on paper
i kept the invite cos the art work was mega cool, i fucked around with it a lot, mixing it with heaps of other images, heres a few
the second last one is from when i first discovered the amazingly cool Jim Mahfood's stuff
the last one was when i used half of it on my own party invite


2 people collection

ages ago i found a picture in a zine or magazine, i cant remember exactly where i found it, but i mucked around with it and these are the results, some are mixed with other stuff, some are based around the 2 people idea, i think the original was closest to the "kiss me, die" picture


text & art mixtape

heres some text/art mixtapes using images and text from various sources that somehow go well together

Waves Of Pleasure
the first is the classic painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa simplified, with some image from an adult comic, if i remember right the text on the left is a bunch of fetishes (which i may or may not have done), and on the right is the fetishes when put through a thesaurus function on an old electric typewriter i had. if you put a sexy email/letter/text through a thesaurus it can make it sound really weird

the second is a rather rude email i got from a kinky young woman i met while travelling through canada back in '98, mixed with some images from fuck knows where. 

the Advice & the Reality
 the third is a mix of some text from an old "advice for teenage girls" book at the top with some text from a magazine about discrimination, with quotes from some lesbians, the image in the middle is traced from a photo from some random magazine i had


Doraemon, Mud Girl & a work in progress

Since the early 90s, when i picked up a Doraemon plush toy at a bargain shop, i have been obsessed with this crazy manga/anime character. Its a robot cat from the 22nd century. I love using him in art. Here's a few pen drawings ive done with him in them.

Mud Girl
Years ago i found a magazine (i think it was called Bikini) with photos of Alyssa Milano covered in mud, i became fascinated with the idea of just using the mud & shadows as the foundation for a picture and then expanding from there. I think its one of the first drawings that i started doing the style that i use a lot now.

a work in progress


late 80s to mid 90s

some early to mid 90s stuff
all paintings except for the last one which i think is a lino cut
i think the paintings were when i started using the separation of colours method i learned from screen printing and lino cuts and applied it to paintings

the 1st has a quote from a Janes Addiction song around it
the 2nd is a semi-abstract self portrait
the 3rd i really like, i think one of my friends has it now
the 4th is a reflection of art, tol through Calvin & Hobbes
the 5th is a really early post-school print, i think the original was a woman in a rubber raincoat from a UK fetish magazine i had, not that you can tell


GReBO jnr.

this is a few pictures i did years ago, not sure where the original stuff came from, i think the hand and photo came from a Deadline magazine comic, not sure where the kid came from
its my usual, find images, mix them up, fuck around with them

80's STuFF

here's some stuff i did while i was back at school in the 80s
a screen print, a woodcut and a lino cut
you can tell theyre from the 80s cos of the very 80s subject matter
the woodcut is Max Headroom & the lino cut is Martin Degville from Sigue Sigue Sputnik


Ritual 1

Dear citizens and workers of Melbourne,
Under the name of the Cult Of Legion, the Universal Life Church, Dudeism and ART, I declare that your city is now under my protection.
On the date of 30thof july I completed a walking lap of your city, using the grey lines of Flinders, Spencer, Latrobe and Spring. 
The ritual took around 1hr & 45min. Sustained on my journey by 4 amphibians fashioned from the lactic emissions of a bovine, which were then consumed at both ends of Bourke & Swanston to strengthen the ritual. I placed my hand on the corner post of each meeting of the grey line streets to strengthen it further.
My brain pain has encircled your city, the cloud of dark energy protecting those within and repelling those outside who would do it harm like a wall of feedback.
I walked, I watched, I witnessed.


GRaCe joNeS & MY BeST FRieND

i hated high school, it was 12 years of hell, but one of my good memories of it has a link to this song
i went to a local record shop and they had a bin full of promo posters & stuff. i scored a Grace Jones - Nightclubbing promo, it was a cardboard coat hanger of her head and shoulders
i took it to school then me & my best friend walked around with our school blazers hanging off it reciting the words to Walking In The Rain and laughing our arses off, especially the bit about "sounding like a no-no, making when i can"
i've looked online but havent found any mention to that promo coathanger, if i could find one i'd buy i just out of nostalgia
ive loved her stuff when i was a teenager. her music is great and she's such a freak, she sung about stuff that went over my head at the time but somehow it sunk in over years of watching & listening to her doing her thing
i just bought a re-release of her Nightclubbing album, its as great now as it was then