text & art mixtape

heres some text/art mixtapes using images and text from various sources that somehow go well together

Waves Of Pleasure
the first is the classic painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa simplified, with some image from an adult comic, if i remember right the text on the left is a bunch of fetishes (which i may or may not have done), and on the right is the fetishes when put through a thesaurus function on an old electric typewriter i had. if you put a sexy email/letter/text through a thesaurus it can make it sound really weird

the second is a rather rude email i got from a kinky young woman i met while travelling through canada back in '98, mixed with some images from fuck knows where. 

the Advice & the Reality
 the third is a mix of some text from an old "advice for teenage girls" book at the top with some text from a magazine about discrimination, with quotes from some lesbians, the image in the middle is traced from a photo from some random magazine i had

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