WoKe uP THiS MoRNiNG... ....THeN LaTeR iN THe DaY

all day yesterday my mind was popping with ideas, last night i spent 2 hours trying to draw and write, but it wasnt happening, i just got more and more frustrated, eventually around 11pm i gave up
then this morning i woke up with an erection so hard a cat wouldnt have been able to scratch it, i had to spend 5 minutes getting stuff ready for going to work before i could leave the room, the curse of living in  shared house. i have named that erection "the anger boner"
did my usual morning stuff then went off to work
at the traffic lights a bike rider went through a red light while he was too busy looking at something else, he wasnt wearing a helmet, i wanted to yell at the dickhead but couldnt be fucked
then when i got off the tram in the city a woman walking along staring at her phone in that hunchback pose, dropped her shirt and didnt even notice, i had to wave in front of her face between her and her mobile to get her attention, she said thanks, normally i'd be thinking "i did a good deed" but all i could think of was "fucking dickhead"
i think its going to be one of those days
i hope no one at work pisses me off

quote for the morning:
"Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph"

after a couple of encounters with dickhead customers at work i had cravings for junk food, i stopped off at the fish and chip shop on the way home, got some stuff to eat, tasted okay, never as great as the idea of it in my head, walked home eating, stopped in the park to finish the last of it, dropped something i was about to eat on the ground, brushed it off, took a bite, then wondered what the fuck i was doing? what the fuck i have become?
now im sitting here at my desk listening to Lorde and wondering what to do with my life

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