Ritual 1

Dear citizens and workers of Melbourne,
Under the name of the Cult Of Legion, the Universal Life Church, Dudeism and ART, I declare that your city is now under my protection.
On the date of 30thof july I completed a walking lap of your city, using the grey lines of Flinders, Spencer, Latrobe and Spring. 
The ritual took around 1hr & 45min. Sustained on my journey by 4 amphibians fashioned from the lactic emissions of a bovine, which were then consumed at both ends of Bourke & Swanston to strengthen the ritual. I placed my hand on the corner post of each meeting of the grey line streets to strengthen it further.
My brain pain has encircled your city, the cloud of dark energy protecting those within and repelling those outside who would do it harm like a wall of feedback.
I walked, I watched, I witnessed.

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