GRaCe joNeS & MY BeST FRieND

i hated high school, it was 12 years of hell, but one of my good memories of it has a link to this song
i went to a local record shop and they had a bin full of promo posters & stuff. i scored a Grace Jones - Nightclubbing promo, it was a cardboard coat hanger of her head and shoulders
i took it to school then me & my best friend walked around with our school blazers hanging off it reciting the words to Walking In The Rain and laughing our arses off, especially the bit about "sounding like a no-no, making when i can"
i've looked online but havent found any mention to that promo coathanger, if i could find one i'd buy i just out of nostalgia
ive loved her stuff when i was a teenager. her music is great and she's such a freak, she sung about stuff that went over my head at the time but somehow it sunk in over years of watching & listening to her doing her thing
i just bought a re-release of her Nightclubbing album, its as great now as it was then

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